• Alarm linkage

    By configuring the alarm linkage function on the client, you can specify one or more types of alarms to be generated In the PC client, the alarm window can be highlighted in red to remind the user to set the electronic map lock function
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:23:59 Basic functions


  • Images snapshot

    In the process of moving the capture image storage, the client broadcast capture pictures This can be achieved to save traffic
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:19:51 Basic functions


  • 3G / 4G video surveillance

    Real-time remote audio and video monitoring There are two video effects: real-time and fluency Real-time real-time transmission of video effects, good in the network environment can be preferred select Fluency is poor in the network environment, select the case, it is the video is saved to the cache, to ensure the smoothness of the video Support single, multi-screen preview, up to 100 images Support for selected channel preview Support the screen polling function Support CIF, D1, HD and other quality video
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:31:11 v7.0.1


  • GPS positioning

    To achieve staff vehicle positioning function The location of the vehicle is displayed on the map Vehicle information such as time, mileage, speed, driver, location, Alarm conditions, the state of the vehicle
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:29:02 v7


  • Track query

    Through the control panel for a specific vehicle in a specific period of time the history of trajectory to understand the vehicle running track route And through the map below the table view the vehicle data, you can view the speed and flow curve changes
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:24:57 Basic functions


  • Remote video playback

    The client can remotely search for video files on the device terminal and the server, and the client can remotely view the playback
    Upload:2016-11-02 16:23:25 Basic functions


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