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Shenzhen Babelstar Inc.,(深圳通天星科技有限公司) with GPS, wireless audio and video technology, video of cloud storage technology research and development as the core technology, provide a platform for positioning, wireless video terminal service, the company has the industry's leading core technology and independent research and development ability.Has led the world of video surveillance technology covers the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder, individual video recorder, network cameras, video integrated platform running recorder and other products.Mature platform products are car video monitoring platform, the car networking platform, mobile broadcast platform, personnel positioning platform, etc.The company has a group of cutting-edge in the field of video security senior technical personnel, they mastered the industry leading technology, especially in the center of the video compression technology, storage and remote cloud system excels.Company has the software copyright patent, and with independent intellectual property rights in the forefront of the industry.Open companies adhering to the "win-win" concept, to the customer's value and benefit as the first, to provide customers with the best quality products and services.

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524,A1building,Tianan cyber park,Huangjin road 1,Nancheng district,Dongguan city