3G / 4G video surveillance

最新更新:2016年11月02日 v7.0.1
Real-time remote audio and video monitoring There are two video effects: real-time and fluency Real-time real-time transmission of video effects, good in the network environment can be preferred select Fluency is poor in the network environment, select the case, it is the video is saved to the cache, to ensure the smoothness of the video Support single, multi-screen preview, up to 100 images Support for selected channel preview Support the screen polling function Support CIF, D1, HD and other quality video
  • 使用说明
  • 功能特点
  • 节约视频流量的妙招
  • 1、Real-Time Video
      Double-click the equipment list of equipment for real-time video preview directly.Can also be specified in the specified video preview window open channel video equipment, or select a channel drag it to the preview of a specified window.
    2、Video tool icon introduction


      Video window mode 1,4,6,8,9,16,36,64,100 appearance, For example


    Video window scroll function, For example


    Video footage showed mode: 1 - full screen display, 2-4:3 display, 3-16:9 display


    Video clarity select:


    Good real-time: ensure the real-time video

    Fluency: ensure the smoothness of video
    Voice closed and open


    Open video:

    Start video: start the current focus the default video window (the window one last time broadcast video channels) open all video: start all the default video of the window
    Stop the video:

    Stop video: the current focus the video of the window
    Stop all the video: all the video window
    Clear data: remove the current focus the video memory channel information of the window
    Clear all data: remove all the video memory channel information of the window

    3、Video automatically shut down
    Avoid traffic waste caused by video open and forget to turn off the window, for this client to provide "automatically shut off video" the function of the configuration.A. first click on the "other", then click on the "system Settings"B. in the menu bar, click on the "system Settings" in "Settings", open the "system Settings" window, as shown in figure:

    4、Video polling
    a, click "polling list", and click on the right, the blank space below grouping "configuration"Click on the "group configuration",
    b, grouping "configuration" form, the following figure

    C, click "add group", enter the name of the group

     d、Selected to polling devices, click     ,Add, after the completion of the diagram below

     e、Selected node or select a particular channel, drag it to the video playback window, began to round of play

     f、Each channel broadcast polling interval, set in "system setting", the default is 30 seconds


  • 实现远程实时音视频监控

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