GPS positioning

最新更新:2016年11月02日 v7
To achieve staff vehicle positioning function The location of the vehicle is displayed on the map Vehicle information such as time, mileage, speed, driver, location, Alarm conditions, the state of the vehicle
  • 使用说明
  • 功能特点
  • GPS定位偏移说明
  • 1、Electric map monitor 
     (1) in the device list check equipment to realize real-time monitoring.
     (2) on the map displays detailed information about the device is selected, including equipment name, date of the current speed and time, mileage and total mileage in the day, the driver information, location, alarm information;In addition to open video, intercom, monitoring, and other functions.Switch
     (3) the type of map method
    A. the top right corner has a map switch, there are three options: baidu map, Google maps and MapInfo map.
    B. Click on the menu bar of the "Settings" - > "system Settings" in, also can switch the map.


    Zoom: the user can drag the map on the left side of the scroll bar, click on the "+" or "-" button to zoom in and out the map.
    Map/satellite: users can through the two buttons to switch and view the map or satellite mode of equipment running status.
    Center equipment: on the device control check list to monitor the equipment, the equipment will be centered.
    Electronic map button function is introduced:

  • Implementers/vehicle positioning function:Shown on the map the location of the vehicle, the map will be displayed on the vehicle information, such as positioning time, mileage, speed, driver, position,Alarm, vehicle state, etc.
  • coming soon