Track query

最新更新:2016年11月02日 Basic functions
Through the control panel for a specific vehicle in a specific period of time the history of trajectory to understand the vehicle running track route And through the map below the table view the vehicle data, you can view the speed and flow curve changes
  • 使用说明
  • 功能特点
  • The user can specify the equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the specified conditions path search, and according to the need for export operation related data.

    Spacing: every choice spacing to upload a GPS data, if it is 0, is every 10 seconds to upload a GPS data
    Stop interval:
    0: all parking GPS point search is displayedIf
    non-0: continuous GPS parking spots, only the last parking point data to the GPS platform
    Miles: on the day of the current total mileage of vehicle
    Show track points: select this option, will display vehicles each GPS point on the map.
    Speed: control trajectory playback speed
    A) line: the white line to blue line, on behalf of the trajectory data download progress
    B) drag the button: trajectory playback progress

    Click "File"

  • 通过控制面板查询具体车辆在特定时间内的历史轨迹,了解到车辆的运行轨迹路线。并可通过地图下方的表格查看车辆的数据,还可速度和流量的曲线变化图。