Alarm linkage

最新更新:2016年11月02日 Basic functions
By configuring the alarm linkage function on the client, you can specify one or more types of alarms to be generated In the PC client, the alarm window can be highlighted in red to remind the user to set the electronic map lock function
  • 使用说明
  • 1、Client alarm configuration


    Selection and equipment alarm associated alarm alarm type: type (only equipment alarm type and set the alarm type here at the same time, will perform the corresponding operation).


    Video preview: when produce alarm, the channel video will pop up the device.


    Voice Alarm: set the number of voice alarm linkage and voice rang.
    Play rule: if there is alarm sound, and came to a new alarm needs at this time the play, stop before the alarm sound play, to play the latest alarm sound.


    Alarm linkage video: generate alarm linkage, will the alarm video record to the local computer.For video video 10 to 20 seconds (pre) in advance.
    1, the pre - recorded on the server can choose by setting on or off;
    2, a streaming media server to achieve most pre-taped 'way according to the field situation (including CPU, memory, network bandwidth and server configuration).

    Protection Settings: in the time period for the equipment after the commissioning of the alarm linkage to be effective.


    Save: save the linkage alarm device of the current configuration.

    Save to multiple devices: the current linkage alarm to save configuration to multiple devices.

    Set to the default configuration: put the device current linkage alarm configuration is set to the default configuration, no configuration linkage alarm equipment to load the default configuration.
    Load the default configuration. The current equipment to load the default configuration.
    When alarm occurs, the client will display column in the alarm information, the relevant alarm information, For example:


    2、Clients alarm linkage
    When specified for the specified alarm, the server will automatically to the configuration of the mobile phone number, E-mail to send text messages and email notification.

     Email notification function, need to control the server side configuration information issued a box.