Richmor 720P million high-definition car DVR-MDR7100 series

Richmor DVR perfectly compatible to CMSV6/CMSV7/CMSV8 platform.

Richmor Website:

◆ HIS solution, H.264 compression mode, multi-stream record. 4-way AHD million HD video / analog SD input 4-channel audio input, providing 720P million HD video effects;
◆ real-time high-definition video, video 720P / D1 / HD1 / CIF optional, frame rate picture quality adjustable;
◆ professional car power supply design, 7-48V DC wide voltage input; overload \ undervoltage \ short circuit \ reverse connection and other protection circuit for a variety of vehicles;
◆ provide 12VDC power output, for the camera, a small screen and other peripheral equipment constant voltage power supply;
◆ hard disk + SD card record data (support 2.5-inch hard drive and large capacity SD card, up to a single card 128G), can completely resist the car caused by dust and other data damage, so that products can adapt to most products can not adapt to the bad road conditions;
◆ watchdog abnormal restart function protection, can better protect the machine and video;
◆ exclusive pre-assigned vehicle-specific file system technology to solve the repeated erasure to produce file fragmentation to protect the integrity of the data;
◆ flameout delay video function (time can be set up to 24 hours);
◆ automatic recording, manual video, alarm video and other video methods to meet the different needs;
◆ display records vehicle driving status, license plate, line, ultra-low speed and other vehicle information, easy management;
◆ support GPS / BD, 3G / 4G module expansion (optional); expandable WIFI;
◆ super network function, through the IE configuration menu, support SMS configuration parameters and access to device information;
◆ remote support audio and video surveillance, two-way voice intercom, remote PTZ control, manual alarm, speed alarm, cross-border and line deviation from the alarm;
◆ 8 alarm input (switch doors, lights, steering, braking, reversing more types can be configured), can be linked to a variety of response;
◆ 2 alarm output, support linkage sound and light alarm, off the oil power
◆ support alarm input local automatic camera function
◆ highly reliable air head input and output interface, easy installation and installation, seismic performance stronger;
◆ system interface operation smooth, functional intuitive, perfect;
◆ gorgeous powerful client program, providing real-time monitoring, listening intercom, playback, video, high-definition screenshots and other functions;
◆ can be upgraded through the SD card software / OTA remote automatic upgrade, the use of partition backup technology upgrade does not crash;
◆ support mobile phone remote monitoring, support mobile phone 3G call function;
◆ support the Ministry of Communications Ministry of the standard agreement, can be extended PTZ control, credit card machines, oil sensors, LED advertising screen;
◆ can be customized according to customer requirements bulk function;