Easy storage Body Camera 3G/4G Wifi GPS Video support cmsv6

Powerful chip features
Using the latest Amber A12 (S2LM) program, so that your "core" more powerful!
\4G remote real-time video surveillance
No matter where you are, you can monitor the live video by real-time monitoring via computer or mobile phone
\Remote real-time intercom
No matter where you are, you can achieve remote real-time monitoring and intercom, real-time reception and transmission of information
\Built-in GPS remote positioning
Real-time monitoring of equipment location, record video capture trajectory, and query equipment history run track
A key real-time alarm
A key real-time alarm, to prevent emergency occur, quickly understand the situation
Low power consumption, standby more durable
1080P video current is 300mA@3.7V, the use of longer time
1080P HD video mode
Yi Zhi technology using 1080P HD video mode, to ensure clear and delicate picture quality, to retain the key moment of content.
Intelligent infrared night vision function
Configuration multi-highlight infrared light, automatic light opening and closing, to support the night camera video, clear picture quality
New waterproof technology
Responding to complex environments, all-weather work, shell waterproof design