DuDu develop new smart mirror to cmsv6

There is no doubt that 2017 is the smart mirror industry chain outbreak of the first year, more and more brands quickly cut into, but one foot Ta Kong, or into cannon fodder, this case from MP3, MP4, flat age, numerous enumerate.

Although the current smart mirror market gradually broke out, but for automotive technology products, the most important is the stability, which is no doubt. But the fact is that the current mainstream program products, are unable to withstand long, high pressure test. Many products on the market, often crashes, is the performance of poor stability. One of the two important reasons is the temperature difference, the use of high power for a long time on the impact of the product. And this to the terminal manufacturers to bring the repair rate, inventory and many other risks.

Recently,DuDu study new smart mirror support CMS software with Video live,GPS position,Video record,Music play etc. functions and get good price.

At present, most of the image sensors in the camera are CMOS. Even high-end CMOS image sensor, still can not provide excellent camera effects. But the ISP image signal sensor, through the front of the image sensor output signal post-processing, with linear correction, noise removal, dead pixel removal, interpolation, self-balancing, total exposure control and other functions, so that the camera in different optical conditions are Can better restore the details of the shooting scene. Hengtai Internet 508HA dual ISP, support the former 1080P, 480P dual camera at the same time video, after MTK expert tuning, so that the video capture the best quality.

Although the smart rearview mirror with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and other functions, but the performance is quite different. DuDu smart mirror built a new GPS positioning program, search star faster, standby start search star only 2 seconds, power off the search star only 19 seconds, while the traditional intelligent cloud rearview mirror standby search star needs 6 seconds , Power off the search star to take 30 seconds.

Shenzhen consumer electronics, small digital industry chain after a number of ups and downs, both from MP3, MP4, Tablet PC to the now hot hot mirror industry, new technology, new solutions are driven "shuffle" source power. The so-called world martial arts, only fast is not broken, and some people seize a wave of opportunities, that is quickly into the industry eagerly, some people missed later, to slump. CMSV6 platform, or 2016 the most crazy of a outlet.