Bebalstar Software CMSV6 Update Announcement

Bebalstar Software Update Announcement:
Updated: 2017-08-30
Update software:
CMSV6 phone App android
CMSV6 server server
MDVR video playback software PC

1.1.CMSV6 computer PC
Version: V7.11.0.4
Updated: 2017-08-30
File size: 29.20M  \
Download link:

Update content:
1. Unified client tree control style
2. Fixed some problems with CheckBox status hints
3. file upload to complete the increase in the identification of audio files
4. Increase the way private messages send real-time video
5. Repair alarm linkage batch storage, due to the main key configuration error, resulting in restart after the issue does not take effect
6. repair supervision, check hill, alarm reported a common alarm information led to multi-window when the data error
7. Repair the recording start time of the transmission parameters of the wrong problem

\2.CMSV6  Android

File size:8.57M

Download link:


update content:
1. Fixed bug where the 808 video logo device could not be replayed remotely
2. Fix video section device channel 2 video playback is a bug in channel 1 video
3. Increased intercom noise reduction processing
4. Fixed a single file multiple channel video, can not normally playback other channel video bug
5. Talkback, if you are talking with other terminals, there will be a corresponding message prompts, and stop the current intercom

3.CMSV6 Server PC\


File size:203.33M
Download link:


Update the contents: 1. In order to avoid the loss of data caused by abnormal circumstances, the server will be a three-day data backup and sent to the designated mailbox
2. In order to avoid the alarm and the amount of GPS table data is very large, resulting in server login slow, slow query report, take the alarm table and GPS table in the form of monthly storage
3. Fix the server installation complete the Web interface does not show the storage server and WiFi download server Bug
4. Increase the data migration tool to migrate historical data to a new standalone table space
5. Storage server recording will be written by default GPS information, when the storage server video playback will be synchronized playback of the time period of the track
6. Set the interface tree list to increase by the company name, monitor the interface to increase the speed, GPS time equipment status sort
7.TTS add special character prompt, the special character part of the transmission was unsuccessful
8. Fix bugs that can not be called by some APIs
9. Solve the problem that the multi-storage server does not record
10. Fixed some of the operating system installation server to create a database failure
11. Fix SQL injection part of the problem
12. In order to avoid alarm statistics and schedule data inconsistent, provided only the end of the alarm, the article is invalid
13. Two new sensor types (humidity and oxygen)
14. In order to avoid when the server IP changes will lead to some abnormal problems, add a key to configure the server IP function
15. Increase the real-time traffic display
16. Repair the installation of the server due to the database directory changes lead to database reconstruction Bug
17. Repair Overrides The installation server initializes the Web access port's bugs

4.MDVR PlayerVideo playback software PC \


File size:14.18M
Download link:


Update the contents: 1. Fix some of the video can not play the problem
2. Fix some problems with incorrect sound decoding
3. Fix a problem that may cause the video screen to display an exception
4. Increase the GPS information frame resolution
5. Repair When the parser callback is too much, the playback group causes the program to hang up the problem
6. Increase frame retraction, frame mode, increase single frame playback, single I frame playback, single I frame retrace
7. Solve the longitude value to explain the problem at a particular value BUG
8. Repair gps angle shows the wrong problem