How to assist ADAS item via CMSV6 vehicle monitor system


     Advanced driver assistant system ADAS is the use of sensors installed in the car, in the car to the surrounding environment, in the process of collecting data, static, dynamic object identification, detection and tracking, combining with the navigation map data, analysis of system operation, which allows the rider to perceive the possibility of danger in advance.

      For cars, there is no way around autopilot.Whether traditional auto makers, such as Beijing or domestic such as Google, BAT, Babelstar technology, such as the Internet company, began to layout in this field.At present, the autopilot in what stage?Authorities shows a set of automated driving market forecast data, which shows that the global auto sales by 2025 to 112 million, 2030, 115 million.

CMSV6 vehicle monitor system

    Babelstar technology has access ADAS related hardware devices, inject new vitality for related onboard video monitoring field.ADAS mainly adopts sensors usually have a camera, radar, laser and ultrasonic, etc., can detect light, heat, pressure, or other used to monitor the state of the automobile variable, usually located on the vehicle front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, driving rod internal or windshield.Early ADAS technology mainly passive alarm, when vehicles detect the potential danger, will sound an alarm to remind drivers pay attention to the vehicles or abnormal road conditions.For the latest ADAS technology, active intervention is also common.

    Babelstar CMSV6 has access to the hardware devices and the interconnection and interaction platform, team managers can through the ADAS auxiliary driving system detection and early warning of impending danger, accident in alarm linkage integration, the platform will also convey dangerous message to the driver in time, to avoid dangerous accidents.

Babelstar CMSV6 ADAS Report system