Providing Peace of Mind for Operators, Parents and Drivers

Babel Star Mobile Video Surveillance platform provide school bus operators solutions for school bus vehicle Intelligent Operations and Information Technology

School bus potential problems

School bus  over speeding,  not travelling on specified routes, detours, failed to arrive, out of assigned routes, etc.   In recent years incidences of school buses overloading and speeding causing numerous accidenta to occur and posed a serious threat to the lives and well being of students.

Parents worry

Quality education needs positive interaction between schools and families, the traditional mode of communication is currently difficult to maintain accurate and timely information.   According to  the Guangdong Administration of Work Safety Document No. [2009] 69

"the mandatory application for vehicles with satellite positioning notification function" requirement,  it is effective in preventing accidents, eliminating safety hazards, strengthening communication mechanisms between schools and parents, and  the establishment of campus vehicles safety management system is imperative.

Government regulation

Once an accident happens,  police departments must have evidence to ascertain the facts if they really want to minimise such accidents from happening again.Therefore, the implementation of a safety management systems in  vehicles on the roads is significant. System includes a digital device (commonly known as "black box"), a satellite positioning and monitoring system to provide access to real-time monitoring  to prevent driver fatigue driving, speeding, driving and other behavioral effects.  Include a video recording system to the mobile GPS system will also help to prevent overloading phenomenon as bus operators are aware that their every action are being monitored and recorded.


In recent years, the government has given students more protection in the form of more regulatory policies, however they are still not able ot prevent students  fighting in the school bus, school bus accidents occur.   There is an urgent need for a vehicle safety monitoring and management system that can offer the following functions: 
   1. Prevention of criminal
and anti social activities in the school
   2. To avoid the occurrence of violent fights in school bus
3.  Monitoring school bus drivers speeding, fatigue driving and other serious  bad driving habits 
    5. Eliminate school bus overcrowding, overloading and other illegal violations 
    6. To prevent the occurrence of terrorist activities in the school bus 
    7. ​​The full recording of various illegal or irregular event that may occur in the bus.

Solution  Description

Each school bus is equipped with a school bus video surveillance system with GPS and a card reader.   When the student boards the bus he will tap his IC card (issued to him) that has embedded a radio frequency identification function on the card reader (POS Data Exchange reader) on the bus.   When the student taps his IC card on the reader, the student's record, time he board and alight from the bus, the route he took and where the bus stops and other  required information are recorded.


The solution is not only beneficial in providing students and parents the peace of mind when travelling on the bus, the solution's  vehicle safety monitoring and management system also provides the school bus operator  real-time vehicle status.  The system help prevent bus break-in ,  over-speeding,  out of route driving , and many other situations which may occur when driving.  With the camera system installed, drivers can view the inside and outside of the bus and bus drivers are more alert and aware when driving and providing a safe journet for students.


Alerts and alarms can also be incorporated and when triggered, opeators and parents can also be alerted to this alarms via Notifications, email, text messages etc.

Remote Monintorin and Management

With wireless video transmission such as 3G and 4G, the user can monitor from a big video screen in the back-end control center or from a computer notebook in the office, at home or even at the coffee shop with a mobile smartphone  view vehicle location and video instantly and as it happens.  



Complete record of the various states of the vehicle, make management more scientific

With a well thought out implementation, standardized management concepts through digital information collection, records,  collection, aggregate, contrast, analysis, evaluation and other methods to achieve quality school bus operations management,  it helps improve the school bus management .  Where are the vehicles deployed, jobs, travel routes, mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance and other aspects of tracking control, if the vehicle driver comply with traffic laws, safe driving conditions , all this data can be remotely monitored and managed for effective supervision.  Vehicle

data are all recorded, summarized, analyzed with  scientific precision for assessment.



Easy to integrate, customize

Video module can be integrated into the school management system, to facilitate unified management of the school. 

Before students get off, the system automatically sends an SMS to the parents phone to inform the parents or caregivers to pick up their kids.

The solution automatically capture images, photos and student information and card information and integrated such that a short message is automatically sent to the parents on the phone or by email when any of the set parameters are bridged and alarm triggered.


3G/4G  Real-time video monitoring school bus during operation

Car embedded monitoring system enables real-time monitoring and information, car camera can be installed in accordance to the needs of the operator.

In the vehicle,  you can see the road through the video monitor pane, the  front-end, back-end, drivers, students sitting behind the driver.


Recorded video playback and analysis

Users can remove the SD card storage media within the terminal and review or replay the recorded videos on the local computer using our gPlayer video playback software application.