Intelligent bus -3 g car video monitoring solution

To achieve real-time dynamic monitoring to transport the whole process of safety;To achieve the optimal allocation of resources such as vehicles, personnel and cost savings;Ensure the safety of the public on a bus, effectively combat illegal crime, maximu

Industry introduction

The bus public security problem
On the bus fire, explosion, robbery, theft, sexual harassment cases have been frequent.Bus system has the characteristics of number and large liquid, the investigation evidence collection is difficult.

Public transport enterprise operation management problem
The bus passengers personnel's quality is uneven, the private fare, for fake tickets invalid ballots and nonstandard uncivilized traffic situation has happened repeatedly.Fare stolen and non-standard accidents due to driving to the bus company caused great damage.

The bus vehicle monitoring operational problems
Most of the bus only the function of the local store video vehicle monitoring system, and there is no daily maintenance.In the event of an emergency, can't normal work of surveillance video monitoring equipment to extract quickly locked the suspect.

Solutions specification

Bus monitoring system architecture consists of three parts: vehicle front-end system, transmission network and center management system.
Vehicle front-end system by an on-board monitoring subsystem and vehicle scheduling subsystem.Vehicle monitoring system through the car DVR host, camera, pickup, emergency alarm button, video-audio and GPS information collection, storage, and use wireless transmission module to embedded DVR host center management system;Vehicle scheduling system by public transport intelligent dispatching screen bus scheduling function, and can be extended to connect inside and outside the car horn, bus card, hand wheat, LED information screen, screen media.By the original GPS systems, bus stops and bus card, video monitoring system, media release system integration for the same set of system.Can be unified collect data upload or download the update data, facilitate centralized management, operating statistics.
Transmission network consists of wireless mobile communication transmission link and fixed network line transmission link of two parts, communication base stations to receive data from the front end bus information later, by the gateway into the fixed network lines, for the use of the monitoring center.
Center management system is the system core, is to perform the daily monitoring, the place of bus scheduling, emergency command.Center management system through the wireless network control vehicle front-end system, audio monitoring, GPS positioning, vehicle line management, vehicle scheduling, voice intercom, alarm processing, and other functions, and can upload the data storage, summary, generate background management reports, realization of vehicle maintenance management, line operation management, etc.