Security freight - truck on-board 3 g video monitoring solution

Implementation of transportation vehicles, personnel and environment during the whole process and the real-time dynamic monitoring for state, and so on and so forth;Provide enterprises with route planning, resource allocation, economic analysis, decision

Industry Introduction

Freight car safety problems
In case of freight car in remote areas is robbery, theft and other accidents, once the driver couldn't get in touch with the outside world, will face a very dangerous situation, after the investigation is also very difficult.

Freight drivers regulatory problems
Freight drivers' quality is uneven, some employees steal goods to sell out to steal oil occurred frequently, caused great damage to the shipping company.

Freight car video monitoring
Most of the freight car's on-board monitoring system is only the function of GPS positioning, in the event of an emergency, unable to quickly retrieve surveillance video locked the suspect.

Solutions specification 

Scheme using mobile video surveillance technology, 3 g wireless communication transmission technology, bad environment, large capacity data storage technology, GPS vehicle tracking technology, hybrid network transmission technology, GIS visualization technique, to form a comprehensive monitoring of all under the jurisdiction of the vehicle accurately monitoring management platform.

Comprehensive monitoring management platform on the one hand, gathering all vehicles real-time video information, accurately and timely to find illegal benefit activity or slacking, investigation and collecting evidence, disposal of the relevant personnel, provides the visual basis for the logistics vehicle scheduling command decision-making, improve vehicle efficient scheduling technology content, low cost of operation;All vehicles transportation information collected on the other hand, through scientific means, such as statistics, analysis and induction, for related business management system to provide the scientific and reasonable data resources, provide convenient and related department to business improvement.