Efficient police car - the police car 3 g car video monitoring solution

跟踪记录执法现场的全部情况,足不出户就可以对所有警车的现场情况了如指掌,随时进行指挥调度和管理 提高突发事件的响应速度,同时录像资料还可以作为执法证据

Industry introduction

The police car as a whole management issues.
No police car management loose inefficient lead to the government's credibility.

The police car scene forensics problem
Unable to assess whether police fair and civilized law enforcement, unable to record the police law enforcement process.

The police car equipment integrated management problems
Police electronic equipment too much lead to all sorts of platform management complex operation, not easy to manage.

Solutions specification

Police surveillance video mobile and wireless command system is mainly composed of car camera, car wireless video server, wireless microphone, wireless transmission system, the central monitoring software, the core equipment on-board wireless video server machine is small in size, low power consumption, clear image, stable operation, the indicators such as prominent, vibration resistance can be applied to all kinds of bad environment.Police surveillance video mobile and wireless command system can track record all law enforcement field, including the police, the information such as location, speed, and picture to the command center, leaders at all levels never leave home can field condition of all the police car, at any time to command scheduling and management.Can effectively solve the problem of inadequate, improve emergency response speed, video data at the same time also can be used as evidence for law enforcement, the violence KangFa when an event is to protect the lawful rights and interests of the police.

System can make all the police officers involved in catching the criminal suspect through a laptop or mobile phone, PDA and other mobile devices anytime and anywhere synchronization saw the scene of the chase, convenient and unified monitor, quickly to find the criminal.System can focus on conservation and management of hundreds of thousands of police car video data, video data can be used as the investigation data and forensic evidence, can also improve the transparency of enforcing the law, reduce the malicious complaints for the police.