Care for the school bus, care for the motherland flowers

vehicle video monitor operating platform for the school bus vehicle intelligent operation and information provide solutions

The school bus potential problems

School bus speeding, route, not according to stipulations, detours, not arrive on time, leave, and so on and so forth;And in recent years, because the school bus overloading and speeding phenomenon caused by the traffic accident to happen from time to tome, bring serious threat to the students' life safety.

Parents worry about

High quality education needs the benign interaction, school and family is the traditional communication mode is difficult to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of information.According to the guangdong safety [2009] 2009 date file "about the mandatory application with a satellite positioning function of vehicle data recorder notice" requirements, the effective prevention of traffic accidents, to eliminate potential safety problems, strengthen the school and parents communication mechanism, set up campus vehicle safety management system is imperative.

The government regulation

Once the accident, the public security departments must have evidence to find out the really want to, avoid accident happening again.So the campus vehicle safety management system is significant.System containing vehicle traveling data recorder (commonly known as "black box"), the school bus after install the GPS, access to real-time monitoring satellite positioning monitoring center, can achieve real-time prevent driver fatigue driving, driving over speed driving, the line, etc, to install cameras in GPS system, also can put an end to happen the overload, avoidance of road safety accidents, ensure the safety of school bus driving, maintain social stability ".

In recent years, although from the quality of the school bus, relevant laws and regulations and so on each aspect, the government to give the students more protection, but still cannot prevent fighting on a school bus, the bus traffic accidents and the occurrence of malignant cases.To sum up, the school, parents, and the relevant government agency urgently needs the campus vehicle safety monitoring management system can realize the following functions:
1. To prevent the bus for students of criminal activities
2. Avoid between students such as fighting violence on the school bus
3. Students following the tracks of position
4. Monitor the bus driver speeding, fatigue driving a bad driving habits
5. Put an end to the school bus, overload and other violations, illegal behavior
6. Prevent the terrorist activities on the school bus
7. The entire record all kinds of illegal, illegal events

Solutions specification

For each school school bus equipped with GPS and video monitoring system, at the same time promote students getting IC card system, students hold which has the function of radio frequency identification IC card with a brush, and can complete mobile phone card reader (POS) for data exchange between students take and record the situation, each school bus transportation to the information such as time, route and bus stops.

The campus vehicle safety monitoring management system not only is the escort students travel, can also play the role of is very convenient for drivers.Vehicle GPS system after installation, the organiser can real-time vehicle, the driver can query the road at any time, in a certain period of time driving route, the satellite map to zoom in on the function of automatic roaming operations, etc., can also for theft alarm driving, speeding, not according to stipulations lines 27 kinds of situation such as alarm, it easier to let the driver sail;The school at any time to check the car internal and external conditions, fully grasp the car safety from the student, parents by mobile phone, SMS, email, etc way for students in the internal and external security situation, students to a comprehensive range of safety regulation.

See all around the world

The application of 3 g, 4 g wireless video transmission, the user can be a big screen in the control room or office laptop, using a mobile phone in a coffee shop to check the vehicle even do a set, video and so on.Truly achieve the "never leave home, in the global" management mode, greatly improve the level of the school bus operation.

To complete tabulated recorded various states of the vehicle, make the management more scientific

Carry out the concept of refinement, standardization management, through digital information collection, record, collection, summary, comparison, analysis, evaluation methods, such as buses to achieve quality management, the school bus management improvement.Of vehicle seconded, homework, driving route, mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance, maintenance all-the-way tracking control;The vehicle to comply with traffic regulations, the safety situation to carry on the effective supervision, the vehicle technology archives data record, summary, analysis, scientific and accurate assessment of the school bus and the driver

Ease of integration, the difference is customise

Video module can be integrated into the school management system, convenient for unified management of the school.Differences in sexual custom:Before students get off the bus, the system automatically send text messages to parents phone, notify the parents to pick up the kidsIf students get on the car automatically when snapping pictures, photos and information of the students and get on the bus card information text automatically sent to the parents on the phone.

3 g video monitoring real-time bus operation process

Vehicle information of embedded monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring, on-board camera can install according to the actual needsOn the vehicle, through a few video to see the vehicle's front end of the road, the back-end, drivers, each row of the students.So I know that the carA running environment, the car driver, the situation of the students.

Video playback analysis

Load monitoring host video function, support four-way video footage.User option under the storage medium SD card inside the terminal, through on the local computerGPlayer watch video playback software