CMSV6 The world's leading car online video monitoring operation platform

Real-time video monitoring, 3 g flow quick

stable system,complete function,beautiful interface

GPS Mobile asset/Person Tracking on Digital Map

Locate mobile assets and receive information such as time on location

, distance, speed (if on mobile asset), driver particulars, location address, alarm status, status of mobile asset etc. Compatible with JT/T 808, JT/T 809 models.

CMSV6 Information Management Platform concept

Remote real-time audio and video monitoring
with 2 selectable video latency : Real-time and Real-time
Fluidity. Real-time transmission mode needs a good network
environment . Real-time Fluidity mode is used when the
network environment is poor. The system will save the video in
cache and buffering, ensuring smooth video. 
Support single, multi-screen preview, maximum up 64 screens.
Support selected channel preview.
Support screen polling feature
Support CIF, D1, HD-quality video recording and others

Details excellent

Not only supports common on-board camera, also support the yuntai special camera, such as automatic cruise and refining the perfect color conditions function

Tracking Playback

Historical trajectory queries mobile assets by date and time.

Remote video playback

View historical record anywhere, set local, server, remote video playback

Fuel consumption Settings, such as 3 g traffic limit function point is complete

Picture SnapShots

Minimise data usage by setting the timer to capture pictures, and video windows.