BSJ-A8 MDVR 720P WIFI GPS Harddisk support CMSV6

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1, vehicle remote monitoring function
        Real-time location query for real-time vehicle status
        Timing / fixed monitoring can be set according to customer requirements monitoring mode
        Monitoring function to be equipped with MIC, SIM card to support voice calls
        Two-way call to download the phone book
        Photo collection need to match the camera, to be set to pass through the port when the camera mode to support the camera, the current camera port vacant
        Remote oil shortage need to install optional components off oil relay
        Area management function can be achieved round, rectangular, polygon area (each 50), out of the area alarm
        Blind zone replenishment function terminal can record 5000 dead zone data
        Car terminal software remote upgrade
 Need to cooperate with manufacturers
        Information dispatch function with TTS function External speaker can achieve voice broadcast car
 The same time as
2, vehicle alarm function
 The same time as
        Emergency Alarm 3 Install the robbery button
        Positioning antenna open circuit alarm antenna is not connected or open circuit damage
        Speed ​​alarm customers can set the speed value, speeding will automatically remind the driver
        Mains Low voltage, high voltage, power down Alarm mains supply voltage below 10V Times Low voltage, higher than 36V Times High voltage, lower than 5V
        Access to the area alarm to be platform settings, support rectangular, circular and polygon area alarm
        Fatigue driving alarm default travel 4 hours to rest for 20 minutes
        Parking timeout alarm parking over the set time, that will alarm the platform