Remote video playback

最新更新:2016年11月02日 Basic functions
The client can remotely search for video files on the device terminal and the server, and the client can remotely view the playback
  • 使用说明
  • 录像存储配置说明
  • 1、Video Search
    Click the top of the Client,  "video playback" interface is as follows

    Terminal equipment: search the video files in the SD card or hard disk
    Local disk: video search manually to the local computer and has been downloaded to the local video files
    Storage server: equipment storage plan, search has recorded video files to the server
    Download server: search download video files on the serverThe file type
    Video: video fileImages: capture images storage serverVideo type
    Search the video, there are alarm video, conventional video and video all three video search criteria
    2、Video Playback
    Specify search conditions, below the search list of files, For example:


    Select a particular channel file, click on the right, the pop-up menu click "remote playback", For example:

    Icon functions introduction:

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